What is MicroShade

Introduction to MicroShade

MicroShade is a Danish cleantech company founded in 2003 as a spin-off from the Danish Technological Institute. At MicroShade we have developed a passive membrane that, when put in between a 2- or 3-layer glass, provides optimal solar shading. At the same time it ensures the best possible view out and the right amount of useful daylight. Together, these parameters raise the quality of the indoor climate significantly.

At MicroShade we strive to ensure better work enviroments, and at the same time reduce operating costs for building owners and their tenants.

How does it work?

MicroShade® is a passive and highly effective shading element fully integrated into a double or triple pane insulating glazing unit.

MicroShade® consists of microscopic lamellas which shade the direct sun progressively. The shading effect of the microscopic lamellas can be compared to that of exterior blinds, except the micro lamellas remain invisible as they are too small for the human eye to see.

In the summer, where the sun is high in the sky, the energy from the sunlight is reduced with up to 90% by the MicroShade® lamellas. In contrast, MicroShade allows roughly 35% of solar transmittance in the winter which reduces the need for heating during the cold period.

MicroShade® allows a high level of natural daylight to enter the building and is available in various configurations and colours suitable for both facade and roof applications.

Glazing with MicroShade® requires no control units, no configurations and no extra maintenance or service. MicroShade® is compatible with all modern glazing configurations including structural glazing, sound reduction and safety glazing configurations.      


User experience

A good indoor climate is important for humans to thrive. People working in pleasant indoor climates are more engaged, loyal, satisfied and more productive.

The shading of solar energy and the optical properties of a glazing are critical to anyone working near the façade. A successful façade must deliver a delicate and complex balance - protecting the building against overheating in the summer, while allowing enough daylight to enter the building and providing a view to the outside.



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MicroShade® is a simple and fully compliant solution providing better work place conditions, through:

  • Improved view to the outside (no obstruction of view by exterior shading devices)
  • More daylight (provides real daylight distribution in the building for up to 80% of the work hours during the year)
  • Improved thermal indoor climate (the solar energy transmittance is reduced with 90% in the summer resulting in a significantly reduced need for cooling and ventilation and therefore less risk of draught)
  • Improved energy profile (less dependence on mechanical installations such as cooling and external solar shading solutions)
  • No noise (there are no mechanical installations which emit noise as they adjust as a result of wind gusts or change in brightness of light)


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Owner Experience

The MicroShade® solution provides a positive impact on all primary elements relevant for best in class tenant experience and overall financial return of a real estate portfolio:

  • Unparalleled indoor climate (better light experience and a +90% reduction of solar energy transmittance in the summer)
  • Reduced operational costs (100% maintenance free and reduce/remove need for cooling and ventilation)
  • 100% predictability (advanced guarantees for lifetime performance)
  • Better TCO / LCC (total cost of ownership / life cycle cost)
  • Improved m2 flexibility and office usage (removal of energy and direct sun increases the area available for work space and makes the building less dependent on mechanical infrastructures such as cooling and external shading)
  • Better gross rent levels (higher quality experience through improved indoor climate, m2-utilization and environmental profile)
  • Reduced complexity in construction and retrofitting (no need for wiring or system configuration)
  • A full suite of software and marketing tools that enable owners to articulate the improved building quality of using MicroShade and convert it to higher rent levels.

= Better investment yield & better property value

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Contractor Experience

The MicroShade® solution has a positive impact on all important risk elements concerning a successful building project:

  • Minimal risk during installation (MicroShade® is installed just like regular glass)
  • Available at all major glass manufacturers (incl. Pilkington and Saint Gobain / Glass Solutions)
  • Saves time in the building process (no additional stapling, wiring or configuration – and no need for sub-contracting such as CTS, power- or façade installation)
  • Passive technology = 100% predictability
  • Better guarantees and warranty than alternative solutions


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Architectural experience

MicroShade® allows complete design flexibility at the highest energy and sustainability levels. This flexibility includes:

  • Unlimited glass usage
  • Unlimited glass size (jumbo frame)
  • Complete removal of external shading
  • Simplified processes (no cabling, no controls, no static loads)
  • Unique design options (incl. colours and patterns)

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Competitive comparison & pricing

MicroShade® is the defining benchmark for solar shading in the industry. No other solution is able to deliver the same combination of low g-value (energy efficiency), quality of light, view capability, installation simplicity, lifetime cost and CO2 impact. To sum it up MicroShade delivers:

Better energy performance

  • g-value less than 10% at light transmittance over 40% (2 times the performance of next best solution)
  • Passive progressive energy effect (up to 3 times the energy penetration during winter – only solution that can do this)

Better light experience

  • Incredible >4/1 light to energy ratio (LT/g-value)
  • Unparalleled view out % (+30% vs next best solution)
  • 100 natural light (Ra-value)

More sustainable

  • Unparalleled lifetime (as long as the glazing)
  • Only 400 gr of low alloyed steel per m2
  • 100% recyclable and easy disassembly after end of use
  • Better lifetime energy effect 

Better lifetime financials (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • No lifetime costs; i.e. no repair, maintenance or configuration
  • Better energy effect than the alternatives
  • 100% financial and energy predictability (guaranteed)
  • Ultra simple installation (just glass) with no extra mounting, cabling or CTS integration

Please reach out to our specialists to obtain a comparative price calculation for your specific requirements or project - or go to this link to learn why MicroShade is able to guarantee its performance!
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MicroShade versus Solar Control glass. Which kind of coloring and view out would you prefer?